On Tuesday, we commemorate the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. There will be tributes and tears. There will be flags flying at half-mast and salutes. There will be deep sorrow mixed with anger at what the terrorists did to our nation on that fateful day, and what they have done to our way of life.


In the midst of it all - there will also be moments of silence. A moment of silence to honor the victims. A moment of silence to allow reflection. A moment of silence so we can pray. A moment of silence to consider the victims' families.  


A moment of silence is perhaps what we need the most. We live in a noisy and a noise filled world. Televisions are turned on, even when no one is paying attention. People have their earphones plugged in, listening to music or podcasts. Music in cars and in the malls. Some even need music to fall asleep.


It is more than likely that many people are afraid of the silence. Moments of silence can open up our spiritual ears to hear the Lord more clearly. Moments of silence can still words of doubt and fear and negativity. Moments of silence will definitely stop us from speaking against God's Will for our lives and even frustrating or delaying our miracles and breakthroughs.


We should all follow the advice that Eli gave to young Samuel - "say 'speak Lord your servant is listening'" [1 Samuel 3:9]. We will be amazed at the revelation that will flow to us directly from heaven. Moments of silence can be a powerful divine interruption in our day.                                              Summer Blessings, Pastor