Today is our annual Church BBQ. Hopefully the rain does not mess up our plans. It is always a great time with good food, wonderful fellowship and fun.


We come to Church to connect with our God as we worship Him, pray, and receive His Word. We come to Church to be blessed by the Lord. But if we just came to a Church service for God, we might as well stay home and watch Christian TV. We also come to Church for each other.


Fellowship is an important part of our Church life. The Word of God describes the Church as the Body of Christ. That is indicative of the importance of our connection to each other, and it also emphasizes the necessity of our relationship with other Christians. We need each other. God says so!


God designed our need for fellowship. The Lord placed within us the need for united prayer and worship with like-minded Christians. We have been called to a shared journey, not a solo walk.  


Together we are stronger. Together we can accomplish more for the Kingdom of God. Together we can help many more people. When we pool our resources and giftings together, we are more effective.


There is a saying - if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. Connect with a Church and go the distance with your God given destiny.

                                    Summer Blessings, Pastor