Novak Djokovic won the US Open Tennis Championship last Sunday. He was interviewed on ESPN after winning his second round match at the Grand Slam event. He lamented the fact that he lost his composure in the third set and he made this comment -

"With all this experience I still make this kinds of mistakes …"


Let's put this statement in perspective. Djokovic has won 14 Grand Slam titles, which include all four Grand Slam tournaments. Currently ranked number three, he was the World's Number one men's tennis player for a total of 223 weeks. He has won more money than any other tennis player in history, over $119 million.


A very experienced and highly successful tennis player admits to "silly" mistakes while playing. Mistakes or unforced errors that would be more expected from novices. Mistakes that was, in a manner of speaking, unbecoming of such a player as he is.


Here is the lesson - even long time Christians and wonderfully anointed people can and do mess up. Even preachers and Church leaders miss the mark. Even Spirit filled and tongue-talking believers lose their way.


When you slip up - be encouraged - no person is perfect. This is not an excuse to live in disobedience and habitually sin. But know this - there is a world of difference between an honest mistake and deliberate sinfulness. Don't let a momentary slip up hinder your walk with God, or cause you to live in shame and guilt. God's Grace is available to everyone - even those who should have known better.  


                                             Blessings, Pastor