Many people, including my family, prefer to sleep in total darkness. I love night-lights. In my opinion, it is a wonderful invention. I whistle in the dark.


Night-lights help us navigate in the dark. We usually place them in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways or children's bedrooms. They can prevent us from stumbling in the dark or banging into things when we have to move around - perhaps going for a drink of water or to the bathroom - in the middle of the night. Night-lights can help little children be brave when they have to go to sleep.  


Jesus called us the light of the world [Matthew 5:14-16]. The light of our God shines through us. On Monday evening during our intercession prayer, I felt the Lord impress on my spirit - that we are the "night lights".


When God shines through us, we light up the darkness. When God shines through us, we can help people find their way out of their dark places. When God shines through us, we can assist others navigate the night seasons in their lives. When God shines through us, we can be a source of hope and courage to those struggling against pressure from the powers of darkness.  


When God shines through us, we can and do make a difference in this world that is so saturated by deeds of darkness. Whether you feel like a floodlight, spotlight or just a night-light, you are reflecting the Glory of our God. Even little lights have power over darkness. Keep shining.  


Blessings, Pastor