Please pray for the start of the new school year. The children and youth of our nation have been under attack in multiple ways. Prayer in Jesus' Name will make a difference.


Pray for those close to your heart and for all schools and colleges.


#1 - Pray for students, teachers, assistants, administrators + staff.

#2 - Pray for positive, enriching learning experiences.


#3 - Pray that teachers and staff will be inspired, motivated and encouraged as they do their jobs. 

#4 - Pray for students who have moved to new schools and pray for newly appointed teachers and staff.  


#5 - Pray for God's protection over school and college campuses - from any and all internal or external threats.


#6 - Pray against bullying and cyber bullying, and gang activity.  


#7 - Pray that wicked and perverse teachers, professors, assistants, coaches, and staff will be removed. Pray for protection from pedophiles and predators.   


#8 - Pray against anti-Biblical and anti-Christ teachings and influences.


#9 - Pray that Christian students, teachers + staff will have a Godly impact.


Summer Blessings, Pastor