Last Friday, during the heavy thunderstorm, we had a lightning strike on the tree in front of our house. It lasted for a few seconds and sounded like powerful fireworks, and looked like an intense orange ball of light and fire. The effects of the strike could be seen on the branch that was hit. By the Grace of God, the tree did not topple, but the shreds of wood was scattered over a wide area. We are grateful to God that it did not set the tree or power lines or buildings on fire.


It did knock out our air conditioner, video machine, cable box, etc. It is amazing that the cable box was damaged because it was turned off and it was connected to a surge protector plug. Our TV that was connected to the same plug point was not affected.


Surge means a sudden powerful or upward movement. Synonyms for surge are rush, a rise, an outpouring or a flood. And it can refer to water, electricity or other means of power, or even a crowd of people.


In considering that event, I want to share this thought with you - We all need a surge of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I long for a sudden outpouring of the Spirit. Pray for God to flood our lives with His Spirit and Power. Unlike a lightning strike that can cause harm, a surge of the Holy Spirit can fast-forward us into a new level in our walk with God. Pray for such a move of God upon His Church.   


Just as our cable box was hit despite the fact that it was switched off and had a surge protector, God can reach those whose hearts and minds are closed off to spiritual things. Pray for such people to have a surge of the Holy Spirit in their lives too. We all need more of God.    


                                             Summer Blessings, Pastor