We signed up for the "Do Not Call Registry". It does not work. We continue to get countless calls from telemarketers, people seeking donations, offering dream vacations, etc. It is a time waster and of course, it is very frustrating. These robocalls are illegal; but it seems like there is no way to stop them.


It reminds me of how the devil tends to break into our minds and hearts with his lies and deception. The devil keeps sowing seeds of doubt and fear into our souls. Like those relentless telemarketers, there is a constant bombardment of demonic discouragement against the people of God. And there is an unending stream of deliberate misrepresentation of God and His Word. 


Most phones now have this amazing feature called "Block this caller". Hallelujah! Use it.


That is what we need to do with the demonic words that come to cause chaos and confusion in our lives. We can block the lies of the devil through our prayers. We can block satanic deception by being grounded in the Word of God. We can expose and shut down the lies of satan through the gift of discernment. 


I have blocked a bunch of telephone numbers, but there are so many more numbers that keep calling us. When I do answer, I cut them off quickly because I do not want to entertain those calls. In the same way, even if the devil does break through our defenses with his lies, we can cut him off immediately. We should have no time or tolerance for the lies of the devil. 

Blessings, Pastor