Gold and diamond Mining is a huge part of the South African economy. So it was often in the news, and we got to watch several TV programs and movies based on the mining industry.


Sometimes the precious metals and gems are buried deep under the ground; and miners have to dig deep before they reach the gold or diamonds. That means creating tunnels that run deep underground. It is tough work. It requires physical digging, blasting through rocks, using excavation machines, etc. It is also imperative to be careful in the planning and the digging because tunnels can collapse. 


On Monday night on my way to Church, I had a picture of our intercessors wearing miners' hard hats.  


In many ways, we are called to be miners. God has placed treasure in every person. Sometimes that treasure is buried deep. Our prayers and our holy involvement with people can help unearth the treasure that may be buried deep under the "dirt". Sometimes that "dirt" is due to the work of the devil, generational issues, failures or setbacks, self-esteem struggles, mistreatment by others, etc.


As you minster to people, remember with some you may need to persist and dig deep because who God created them to be has been buried so deep that they cannot see it or believe it. By the Grace of God and the work of the Holy Spirit, we can help people reach a place of understanding how valuable they are to God. It is a great reward to see people discover their preciousness in the sight of God.


If you need help - find a godly person to help you unearth God's treasure within you.                 Blessings, Pastor