The next new person that you encounter will obviously be a stranger to you. Depending on your personality, it may be a wonderful opportunity to make a new friend or if you are an introvert, like me, it can be awkward, even intimidating.


The next stranger you meet may create a positive first impression or just the opposite. The next stranger you meet may have a pleasant disposition or have a repelling personality. Sometimes it is hard to tell what kind of person we met after one encounter. 


On November 3rd, the "Our Daily Bread" devotional had this beautiful line -

Jesus knows and loves everyone we don't yet know or love.


The next stranger you meet is already known by Jesus. Jesus loves them despite knowing everything about them. Jesus loves them just as much as He loves you! But that person may not know that Jesus loves them. And the Lord may have brought them our way, so that we can share the good news of God's Love. So before you write them off, consider if there is a divine purpose for the encounter.


Our daughter has this saying by Melody Truong on her wall -


I am in love with cities I've never been to

And people I've never met


Let's adjust that to - Jesus wants people we have never yet met and places we have not yet been to, to discover how much He loves them. Get ready for the next stranger crossing your path.

Blessings, Pastor