The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 to prevent East Germans from escaping to the West. It was initially a fence made of barbed wire, and eventually became a concrete barrier with armed guards. The Wall was 12 feet high and 27 miles long. There were over 300 guard towers, 3,000 dogs and 55,000 land mines. The Wall was reinforced with barbed wire, spikes, metal gratings, bunkers and vehicles as obstacles.


Despite their best efforts, over 5,000 people escaped across the Berlin Wall. There were many creative escapes, viz. tight rope, zip line, hot air balloon, and tunnels. The Berlin Wall came down in 1989.


There is an enemy of our souls that puts up walls in our path too. The devils puts up walls in between us and the people in our lives. Walls of division in homes and families. He puts up walls between us and our destiny. He also puts up walls in our minds and emotions. Walls of fear, stress, anxiety, and irrational thinking. Most of all he aims to put up a wall between us and our God


So many that are trapped behind satan's walls, are convinced they will never be blessed or fulfill their divine purpose. In 2 Samuel 22:30 David testifies - "With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall". So can you and I.                            


Just as the 5000 that did not let the Berlin Wall stop them, be determined to go beyond the walls of the devil. Don't let anything stop you from being free, and being all that God created you to be. With our God, all things are possible. He can bring us out from any and all walls of the have us trapped.           

Blessings, Pastor